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What are the shipping conditions ?

The shipping costs are 5€ flat rate per order independent of the number of articles you order.

You will receive your parcel within 2 to 4 regular working days after the purchase. Holidays period might delay the shipment.


What are the return terms?

You can return the article(s) without justification provided that they are returned and received by Skewi B.V. (Jacob Hopstraat 4, 2582TV, The Netherlands) 14 days from the purchasing date in original packaging, the product not being used. Please check the terms & conditions on this website for further details.


What is the size of Skewi® ?

Skewi® is generous with a size of about 180mm long, 80mm wide and 1 cm thick. The two silicone grips are removable.


Is Skewi® dishwasher safe?

Yes, both stainless steel central part and colored silicone grips are dishwasher safe.

The central part is stainless steel is 18/10 highly resistive to corrosion and it keeps its shiny for many years to come.


Can I customize my Skewi® ?

Yes you can, send us an email with text and/or logo, and the quantity of skewers you would like. We will return to you with a quotation.